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We have now closed and will not be taking any new clients.  If you have a project that needs amending, please email tracey@outwarddesign.com.au  


Landscape plans for planning permits in all Melbourne Councils.

Landscape plans for developments in residential, commercial, industrial and health & education sectors, all over Melbourne Victoria and beyond.

We pride ourselves on creative solutions that impress our clients while satisfying their planning requirements. 
Outward Design Pty Ltd was established in 2001 and since then we have prepared landscape construction plans for over 3000 projects in Greater Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, regional Victoria and interstate. 
We work as consultants for architects, building designers, town planners and developers.


We have been preparing landscape plans for all kinds of planning permits since we began in 2001. 


Our knowledge and attention to detail have earned us the respect of many town planners & consultants, developers, building designers and architects and most of our work now is for repeat clients and their referrals.


Our lead landscape designer is Tracey Van Grunsven. Tracey has a Bachelor Applied Science (Hort) from University of Melbourne, and more than twenty-five years experience in the horticulture industry, including twenty years  as a landscape designer.

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What You Need

Professional landscape plans for residential developments, subdivisions, apartments, units, townhouses, stand alone dwellings, tree removal permits and heritage listed properties.



When there is not much room for landscaping, the decisions become even more important.  We have the knowledge and experience to ensure limited space is used to its maximum potential in a sustainable way, and producing a beautiful finished product.


Each landscape plan is tailored to suit the development and  the needs of our client.  
We are also very proud of our ability to resolve conflicts between our client's design based preferences and difficult planning requirements.



We understand that in some locations every dollar counts.  It is always possible to provide a practical layout and pleasant environment that will satisfy the planning requirements, even within a restrictive budget.


We have prepared high quality landscape plans for the planning permit requirements of shopping centres, restaurants and manufacturing and processing facilities all over Melbourne.  We understand that the initial budget and the cost of ongoing maintenance are of equal importance, as well as the public portrayal of the company.

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In addition to landscape plans for residential and commercial developments, we have also provided many landscape design services and construction plans for parks, schools, child care centres, aged care facilities, medical centres, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, country clubs, restaurants and community facilities including police stations and most of the new or renovated CFAs.



We have loved working on landscape plans for fifteen Victorian schools.  We feel we can dramatically improve the learning environment for students and working environment for staff.  We ensure that the flow of pedestrian traffic is easy and direct and that maintenance problems are reduced.

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We have prepared landscape plans for thirty medical centres across Melbourne.  We understand that visual exposure and disability access is important and that the landscaping must be easily maintained to enhance the image of the centre.



The restorative properties of the natural environment are undisputed. Even a view through a window of an overhanging branch is beneficial to our health and well-being. Being outside and in contact with any natural element is healing, soothing and invigorating. 


When you spend almost all of your time in the place you live it becomes even more important that  whatever outdoor area you have is accessible and inviting.

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