Bayside Townhouse Landscape Plan

This landscape plan was for two double storey attached dwellings with basement car parking, within Bayside City Council.  The site is in Brighton East and the client’s budget was minimal but appropriate to the affluence of the area and value of the development.  It allowed for masonry retaining walls, metal picket fencing and some mature plants. The planting scheme was lush and green with splashes of seasonal colour.  Bayside city council do not have strict landscape requirements. They expect good design principals to be used and suitable canopy trees and screening planting to be incorporated into the design as appropriate to the site.  They will assess each site and each landscape plan on its merits.

Generally the cost of planted and mulched garden beds is very low in comparison to other landscaping elements such as paving, fencing, retaining walls and excavation or fill.  As soon as you increase the size of a plant at installation however you double the cost of the plant. If you want to plant a row of advanced plants it can add up quickly. Advanced plants also add instant appeal though and the cost is still relatively low in comparison to the build and the hard landscaping elements.  Whether to include them on not comes down to how important it is for the site to look appealing as soon as it is complete. In this case, the trees and taller hedges were specified at a reasonably mature size, the smaller hedging at a moderate size and the lower, less obvious planting at a smaller size. The addition of an irrigation system ensured that the plants were able to thrive immediately.  A suitable amount of irrigation will also significantly reduce the maintenance required as the plants are much less likely to attract pests and disease when they are not water stressed.

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