Landscape Plan for Dandenong Medical Centre

This landscape plan was for a planning permit for changes to an existing medical centre, that had been converted from a residence in the past. 

We prepare landscape plans for lots of properties where a residence is being converted to consulting rooms and a change of use permit is required. Sometimes these types of landscape plans involve notating lots of existing landscaping that can be retaining and specifying new landscaping only where necessary. Usually around changes to the building, entry and new carparking areas, minimising the cost as much as possible. 

In other cases, our client wants a landscaping overhaul so that their current clients notice the upgrade and potential clients are attracted to the site. New planting can be an economical way to give a health centre a fresh new look. Another reason for landscaping the whole site would be when council has so many requirements that it is unavoidable.

For this site, the walls and much of the planting was existing already and we needed to measure and notate everything that was there and then fill in the gaps with new planting. The council was City of Greater Dandenong and they didn’t have any specific requirements for landscaping of this site at all. The client already had the hedging plants at another site and wanted to relocate them here and wanted to do the planting himself. So in this case the cost of landscaping to achieve their planning requirements was about $260 in new plants plus a couple of hours work.

This site doesn’t look spectacular but it was sufficient to satisfy council at very little cost, which was our client’s exact brief. I have included this one as a case study to show just how little cost we can get away with in some cases. In some areas, low cost is our clients’ only focus.

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