Frankston Apartment Development Landscape Plan

This site which appears to be townhouses from the street is actually ten apartments with basement carparking.  

The landscape plan was required to soften the Frankston apartment development and to include front setback canopy trees and other vegetation throughout the site that is endemic to the local area.   There was a very limiting requirement that 80% of the plants to be used were to be chosen from one ecological vegetation class.  In this case we had two species of tree to chose from and five species of shrub.  Choosing plants that will fit within their garden bed as they mature, without requiring regular trimming, becomes impossible with such a restriction.  Additional maintenance is required under these circumstances to keep the plants trimmed.


For this site, the 20% allowance for other types of plants was used for the very narrow spaces, where none of the indigenous plants would have been appropriate.  It is important that the plants blend together so we chose smaller, more attractive cultivars of genera that are indigenous.  The indigenous forms would have very quickly outgrown these spaces but the cultivars chosen are much more compact versions.

In some other developments, we have used the allocation of non-indigenous plants where a plant form is required that is not included on the ecological vegetation class.  For example, a carpeting ground cover plant or a climbing plant.  In other cases, we have been able to include specific plants that our client requests or some plants that might add more aesthetic qualities to the landscape.

The other challenge on this site was the requirement to provide a planted buffer in a two metre section between the boundary and a retaining wall, on three side of the property, where there would be no maintenance path.  We can see that this vegetation is now thriving and suppressing any weed penetration, therefore requiring virtually zero maintenance.

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