Kingston Four Dwelling Development Landscape Plan

The landscaping on this site includes areas of pebbles with planted areas to soften the spaces where appropriate. 

Organic mulch such as pinebark or eucimulch is not a permanent surface and usually it is not acceptable practice to show areas of mulch without including vegetation that will eventually cover the area.  Plants can be installed at a small size but need to be planted at spacings that will ensure they will cover the area when they are mature.  The main roles of organic mulch are to reduce evaporation of moisture from the soil and keep it cool, ensuring that soil microorganisms can thrive and create a suitable subterranean environment for plants to grow.  The mulch also helps to suppress weed growth.   A well designed garden bed will ensure that the plants will eventually take over the role of the organic mulch by providing cover to the ground.  Without this planted ground cover, mulch would need to be replenished on a regular basis.

Pebbles as mulch however, is a more permanent surface so planting does not need to be as dense and some areas can be left as just pebbles without planting at all if appropriate.  Pebbles are also permeable (which can be a significant limiting factor for selecting surfaces on some sites, particularly with large driveways like this one) and they are economical in comparison to most other surfaces (which is a significant factor for every project!)  They are not suitable for paths on their own though as they are loose and do not compact.  Adding some pavers as stepping pads within the pebbles is necessary.


This site includes a combination of pebbled areas without planting, pebbled areas with planting, pebbled paths with stepping pads, mulched garden beds and lawn.  Sounds complicated but actually it keeps the site quite simple and streamlined which is essential with so many small spaces.  Not too much edging is required as the pebbled areas, pebbled paths and pebbled planted spaces don’t need edging in between - as they effectively all have the same surface, they can all flow on from each other.  The larger spaces include lawn and mulched garden beds.

Case Studies



Landscape plan for townhouse development.



Landscape plan for apartment site.

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Landscape plan for apartment development.