Knox Apartment Landscape Plan

This landscape plan was for a double storey apartment building containing ten dwellings in Boronia, within the City of Knox.  Knox city council requirements include the use of a certain quantity of native or locally indigenous species in a landscape plan.  They also have strict requirements for the spacings of these plants and what types of plants can be used in certain situations. Our client’s brief was for the landscape plan to be endorsed by council as quickly as possible.  He also wanted the physical landscaping to be low maintenance and low budget.

The lowest cost form of landscaping is lawn but only if it is in an expansive space, otherwise the cost of the edging means that the second cheapest form of landscaping (mulched and planted garden beds) will become more cost effective.  Also, lawn only really grows well in an expansive space. In fiddly areas and against buildings or fences it is difficult to maintain and does not tend to thrive. In the case of this site, it made sense to include lawn in the largest landscaping area, which is the west facing front setback.  On this west side there is enough area to include an expansive lawn, a garden bed alongside the building and trees planted within mulched circles (as per City of Knox requirements) with enough space to mow around them and enough area for the lawn to thrive.  

On the north facing setback, there is less space and it was more cost effective to use mulched and planted garden bed on that side, with no lawn and therefore no garden edging required.  The planting on the north side includes a mixture of indigenous and native plants and a variety of plant types, colours and textures, increasing biodiversity and aesthetic interest. The planting in this area was nominated by City of Knox for a design award.

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