• Tracey Van Grunsven

Landscape Plans City of Whitehorse

At Outward Design we provide professional landscape designs for all kinds of developments in the City of Whitehorse. Whether you are planning a childcare centre, aged care centre, medical centre, shopping centre, an industrial development or a residential development such as townhouses, units, apartments, a dual occupancy or a large subdivision, we can help you with your professional landscape plan for your town planning permit. We also prepare landscape designs for school renovations and improvements, even if a planning permit is not required for the project.

Landscape Plans for Whitehorse Health Care by Outward Design

Professional Landscape Plans & Landscape Design

We have been preparing landscape plans in the City of Whitehorse for twenty years and we are intimately familiar with the planning scheme for Whitehorse council for landscape plans and particularly the tree planting requirements. We can help you to find a design solution that will achieve planning approval.

We understand our clients need to maximise the financial potential of their investments and we find many ways to help our clients with this. We can advise you on what design decisions are going to reduce your costs while still satisfying the planning requirements. There are some great ways to ensure your landscaping is economical without lowering the value of your development or lengthening the permit application timeframe.

When necessary, we will liaise with your other consultants to ensure the requirements of the BESS report, STORM report, civil engineering requirements and waste management plans are accommodated in the landscape plan, to avoid conflicts and the need to apply for secondary amendment down the track.

Why Choose Outward Design?

Engaging a professional landscape design consultant like Outward Design can save you costly mistakes that might cause delays or more expense at the town planning stage or at the construction stage. We will ensure that your landscape design is workable, economical, low maintenance, as well as attractive and functional for the future occupants of the development.

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