Whitehorse Health Care Landscape Plan

This landscape plan was for a two-story medical centre with car park and signage in Blackburn South, within the City of Whitehorse. The town planner at Whitehorse council wanted the landscape plan to include a mixture of mid and upper canopy trees spread throughout the site and a diversity of plant types including some indigenous planting and some exotic planting.  Our client wanted to avoid plants that may block the views to the signage or the building from the two street frontages.  They also requested the landscaping be low maintenance and low budget. 

In response to these requirements we selected canopy trees with a single trunk and foliage that grows high enough that it would not disrupt the views to the building.  We selected ground cover planting in a variety of colours and textures that does not grow tall enough to obscure the views to the signage.  Close to the car parking spaces we used low growing planting that would not inhibit people moving to and from their cars.  Smaller trees and taller shrubs were used in areas where screening was desirable, to increase the diversity of planting and improve the amenity of the site.

Several years later, the landscaping is succeeding on this very exposed, harsh site with very little maintenance.  There is no lawn to mow, which eliminates the largest maintenance item.  The desirable plants are dense enough and successful enough that there is very little weed penetration.  As the mulch that was initially applied breaks down, the ground cover planting takes over the role of suppressing weeds and reducing evaporation.  The plant selection is well suited to the conditions of the site and there have been very few plant losses.  The visibility of the building and signage is maximised and enhanced by the planting and the car parking spaces are easy to access.

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